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mooji_budapest_1The Hungarian Mooji Sangha follows Sri Mooji’s guidelines and those of the International Mooji Sangha, and it was formed with Sri Mooji’s and the Sangha’s approval. We follow their daily guidence in all our activities.

The 3-11-day retreats in Hungary (Online Retreats, Silent Online Retreats) are usually organized in Budapest or close to Budapest.

The Sunday Satsangs and other live broadcasts we currently watch together in Budapest’s 14th district, beginning of Erzsébet Királyné road, close to the City Park.

All upcoming events are posted regularly here on the website and in the Mooji Hungary Facebook group.

For more information in English, feel free to contact us at the following numbers or email addresses:


International and Hungarian Sangha matters:

Serena   +36 70 577 2703
Satyamayi  +36 30 251 8054

Sangha gatherings in Budapest:

Devdas +36 30 297 8659

Sangha gatherings in Nyíregyháza:

Zoli +36 20 915 5224

Sangha gatherings in Eger:

Maria +36 30 326 8336

Hungarian Facebook group:

Mooji Magyarország – Mooji Hungary

Sangha groups in other cities and towns in Hungary:

List of Sangha groups
(Note that this list is very new and still getting filled, but you can already find many contact details.)


Om Shanti

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